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Vet qa parent

Excessive cat urination and defecation

Our question this week was: My feline is almost 10 years old. All it does is want to drink water and it urinates like 20 times a day. It was litter trained for over nine years and we never had a problem. Recently it has been going to the bathroom in and out of the litter box. I don't think that it can control itself because it knows when it does wrong and it will hide in a corner if we walk by or notice a wet spot on the carpet.
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Keeping your cat healthy

My cat has bad breath - What can I do?

Our question this week was: Doctor - I have a female cat her age is not know she was a stray but she is an adult cat. I have noticed that she has really bad breath so bad it turns my stomach. She is constantly trying to do something that appears to be tasting or swallowing and her saliva seems to be really thick or she has cotton mouth, it is really annoying me cause she wants to get in my face and love on me and I can't stand how she smells.
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