Why is my cat meowing at me

Why is my cat meowing at me

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Why is my cat meowing at me through the hole in the wall? What is wrong with him and what can I do?

Our cats have never before shown any sign of aggression toward us. They are only about 20 months old, and we just adopted them from our local animal shelter. We have also had dogs in the past, and all of them have been very friendly toward our cats. However, the meowing we are hearing is like no meowing we have ever heard before, and it doesn't appear to be a game. They also seem to be growling as well.

We have not been able to find any signs of abuse or anything like that. Our vet thinks that our cat is stressed. He recommended several medications, but we have not been able to find any that he would recommend. We don't even know what kind of medicine to give him, or if it will hurt him. He also has not been able to find any other reason for the noise.

Our house is pretty quiet, but our cats will meow at each other if they are alone. We do not leave food out, as they have their own food dish and will eat it when they want it. We do not leave water out because they have their own water dish and water bowls and will drink there. Our kitchen is soundproofed so we know they cannot hear outside noises, but they do not seem to meow that loud.

My son has been very frustrated by this noise. He has been crying almost all night as well, and is worried about it. How can we help this stress go away? We are already going to put a bell on the outside door of their room to help with that, but we don't know what else to do.

Hi there! So glad to hear that your new furry family members are adjusting well to their new home. Cats often meow when they are stressed, even if their behaviour is otherwise fine. Stress can be many different things (like, for example, the sudden death of a close loved one), or it can just be boredom. Cats have an innate need to communicate, and meowing is just one of many ways they do so. However, meowing doesn't mean they are feeling a need to vocalize, it just indicates that they feel they want something from their human. Sometimes it's because they just want attention, and sometimes it's because they just want to communicate something to their human family members. Cats also meow when they are just looking for something in particular - whether it's a toy, a favorite toy, a favorite food, etc. Sometimes they just meow for fun - it's an expression of what's on their mind and it's usually the first thing they do when they greet you. You might have a couple different questions about meowing - if it's meowing for attention that's bothering your son, for example, and I don't think it is, then there are other things you can try that might work. If it's meowing for food, and you can find your kitty a catnip toy, that's definitely worth a try. A favorite toy or bed might help, and for a while you might have to do that, but then it may be time to get a kitty toy that's been around long enough that it's worn out for your cat. Some meow-meow meow toys are quite expensive, but there are also ways to make your own toys (a couple that I like are the KONG Koozies from Petco). And for me, even a little meow toy is worth trying, because some cats love to meow as they play. My advice would be to use your senses (ie smell, touch, sound) and make a guess, so that you can figure out whether there is something or someone that your cat wants. If you can try to figure that out, it's a lot easier for you to work with him, and then you're really doing your cat a service!

But I would really like to know if you have any cats that are meowing around? I'm not sure what age yours is, but if you tell me, I might be able to help more.

Hi. I have 2 cats but 1 is in the kitty condo and 1 is outside. My kitty is 7 years old. When she is out she meows for attention from her litter mates, but not from anyone else.


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