Future ladybug and cat noir

Future ladybug and cat noir

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Future ladybug and cat noir

It took me awhile to get a good picture of this little ladybug. I guess it had a thing going on.

I took some time to finish him. The details are important when you model.

I decided to make his wings a little bit darker and used some really thin and light blue acrylic to make them. They are mounted on a piece of paper cut to shape and painted with blue and grey craft paints.

I made the cat in the same style as the ladybug. His eyes were an eye chart print and his nose was made of a white pearl bead. I cut a slit in the side of his head and glued two of the tiny black jewels inside. The cat’s wings are paper mounted and painted black and gold.

I added a blue stem and leaves to his tail.

These were fun to make. Next up is a large dragon and another spider. Oh, and a bunch of ladybugs. And a lot more critters too. Hmmm. I’m hungry and out of cat food.

So I took a little bit of time on the front porch and painted the ladybugs that live there, and I really liked the results.

These are just painted flat over with craft paint and mounted.

I took some time to put a little bit of interest into them. It was a lot of fun to paint! These are going on an 8x10. It was fun to paint them flat on something and move them around to see how the movement changes the look.

All painted flat.

I took a little time to do the painting. The first picture is the flat paint on the board.

After it dried I painted around the edges of the flat paints with various craft paints.

The next picture is the ladybugs all painted up.

I decided that I needed a little more contrast. I added the background in white, which you can’t really see in the photo.

I glued the ladybugs in place. I used a hot glue gun and just pressed it on the back.

And here is my 8x10 up in the frame.

I just love how they turned out. I made all the painting on these in the last couple of days and they got a lot of use and attention.

This week has been quite busy and it’s not over. Still got to do some things on my own for the show and then there are the orders to come in and get done. It will keep me busy, but I really can’t wait for the next few days to fly by!

I made this piece of artwork for the show called “A Bird in a Tree”. It’s really simple and fast to make. It’s fun to make with the kids. They make up their own names and their own characters. It can be a quick and fun way to end your day if you are tired. Plus it looks great in a little frame.

I have a great big box of my art supplies. I have no idea what’s in there or how long it’s been there. I think it’s time for a sorting session. So, this is what is in the box:

All of the paints in this box are flat.

I have an assortment of pencils.

A box of different colored pens.

I have some colored pencils and an assortment of pastels.

A package of paper.

A box of brushes.

Several of my small brushes.

A box of small rubber stamps.

An assortment of paint brushes and sponges.

I have an assortment of different watercolor paints.

Several boxes of glazes.

I have tons of canvases, paper and paints.

I have a very large box of acrylic paints.

A huge box of colored pencils.

As you can see, I have a lot of art supplies. I always need more boxes to go in this closet. My next trip is to go look for more boxes. So, if you are in need of some art supplies, or need to clear out some boxes that you don’t need, let me know! I can help. You are welcome to take a few boxes home with you.

My husband likes to make his own soap in a crock pot. I usually don’t like to be in the kitchen cooking, but I’m learning. He has some that’s pretty mild and some that is pretty strong. He likes to make the mild ones.

I had planned on making some homemade soap and then making the Christmas ornament boxes. They are simple to make and fun to do. I was so excited when I saw the boxes at Creative Arts and Crafts. They were on sale for $9.00. I couldn’t pass up on that deal.

I decided to start with the easy box, and do the other one later. Since it was raining when I got home, I decided to make the easy one first. If you read my post about making the Christmas tree snowman ornament, you’ll see how I did it.

First, I got out some different sizes of glass jars.

One of the biggest was the 12 ounce size.

Then I got some of the smaller ones.

Next, I got some plastic containers to hold the water. I tried to find the least expensive ones, but at the big box stores, they didn’t have any for less than $2.00 each.

I was really happy with what I found.

Since I wanted to make a Christmas tree ornament, I needed to buy a tree. Since it was late in the day, I got up before it was light and went to the store that morning. I just couldn’t find the tree I wanted. I had seen one in Home Goods at the grocery store, so I was really hoping it was there, but it wasn’t. I tried one place after that and then one more, but they didn’t have it. I was really disappointed. I was thinking maybe it was just early in the season and they hadn’t had any in the store. I asked one of the workers at the store, and she said that they didn’t have it at all.

I finally found a place where they had some trees in the garage. They have a Christmas tree lot in the front of the store and a tree lot in the back. I found a smallish tree, and it was cheap. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t find a really nice tree because I wanted one that had lights on it, which I didn’t find.

I decided to look at the trees they had in the Christmas tree lot. I found one that I liked, and it was small enough that the lights on it were pretty much all it needed. So I bought it.

I didn’t know what to do next.

The plan was to start putting up the lights on the tree. I decided to use the battery operated lights I had bought. They are so much easier to use. I found a box to put them in, so I headed home. I had an extra battery pack that I got when I was working out and wanted to use that, but I couldn’t find that anywhere. I could have bought a couple of different ones at a gas station, but then they would have been too expensive. The lights had to go in the tree on a Christmas

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