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Tip for Getting Food into a Picky Eater

Tip for Getting Food into a Picky Eater

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I have a young Siberian Husky, Kisa, who has been through a serious illness for the past six months. She's doing fine now, but along the way she's had to take many drugs that upset her stomach and gave her diarrhea. She's always been slim, and between the disease and the treatments, she became dangerously thin yet turned her nose up at everything I tried to tempt her with. Then a friend of mine, who raises sled dogs in Alaska, mentioned that his dogs go crazy for fish. I tried it and it has worked like a charm - put the stinkiest, nastiest, grossest fish flavor cat food on her kibble and she gobbles it up and licks the dish to make sure she didn't miss a molecule. I suppose in a way it makes sense, though - "Kisa" means "kitten" in Russian.

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